Fernando has performed extensively throughout Australia and internationally with some of the world’s finest companies. With many years of experience, he has incorporated a unique style of flamenco dance into his performances.   

Fernando's dancing experiences include:

The English National Opera in Don Quixote, 

Opera Australia - Otello production Melbourne

Opera Australia - Carmen production Melbourne and Taipei

Baz Luhrmann's Strictly Ballroom the Musical - Australia, Canada, Leeds and The Piccadilly Theatre West End London.

Fernando's film and television experiences include: 

Man from Snowy River - 1996 TV series

Amy - Australian Motion picture

Noah’s Ark - American motion picture

True Love & Chaos - Australian motion picture

Today Show - Australian Morning Show

The Mike Walsh Show - Australian variety show

Burt Newton's New Faces - Australian talent show

Johnny Young's Young Talent Time

Soul Mates - Australian TV comedy series ABC

Funky Squad - Australian TV comedy series ABC

Various Popular ABC kids shows


Fernando co-created the principle role of 'Rico' in the world premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s production Strictly Ballroom the Musical. Fernando performed the role of 'Rico' since its inception in 2013 and throughout the 2 year season of the Australian tour. He continues to keep 'Rico' alive whilst recently touring the UK performing at the Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds, The Princess of Wales Theatre Canada  and West Ends Piccadilly Theatre London 2018.


"The principal cast glows with Sam Lips as Scott in a charming and commanding performance, demonstrating outstanding vocal and dance ability. Gemma Sutton shines as Fran, carefully nurturing a transformative journey from dainty wallflower to sensuous starlet. Befitting a seasonal musical, Strictly Ballroom also offers a range of outrageously inflated and heightened characters, including a toupee-spinning Julius D’Silva as Barry Fife and Richard Grieve in an irresistibly preening turn as Les Kendall. Richard Dempsey is hilarious as glittering ringmaster JJ Silvers –  a delightfully charming and immersive anchor to the show. In a scene-stealing performance, Fernando Mira delivers an intense and authentic flash of danger as Rico, master of the pasodoble. Two very endearing and cheeky performances are also provided by junior dancers Troy Tipple and Mia Speight.

Ben Atkinson’s musical arrangement is pounding and palpable with a walloping percussive feel, ensuring every number hits its mark. Standouts in the score include Time After Time and Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, whilst a stomping arrangement of Love is in the Air is sure to have audiences dancing in the aisles. A superlative arrangement of Magnifico is a particular highlight, partnered with Fernando Mira’s showstopping pasodoble."

Samuel Payne Entertainment Focus 2016 

"The astonishingly controlled but supremely passionate turn from Fernando Mira as Rico, Fran’s father who teaches Scott an invaluable lesson about the difference between dancing with your head and dancing with your heart. Vital, stern and impossibly magnetic, Mira proves to be an unstoppable force of nature, one that very nearly steals the show. He focuses stillness as the Ballroomers channel sequins. It’s an amazing counter-point and the Paso Doble sequence with Lips is a true coup de théâtre."

Stephen Collins Live Theatre UK 2016

"Strictly Ballroom in Leeds is an unqualified success in every department. It features the best original cast for a new musical in the U.K. since Matilda. Both principals and ensemble are all triple-threats, and poised, attractive and entrancing ones. Score, book and direction fuse into a seamless outpouring of joy, real humour and brilliantly calibrated romance. Drew McOnie has directed something wonderful, a story for everyone, about honesty, individuality and being true to oneself. And he has choreographed the piece with exuberance and undeniable skill. There is nothing not to love about this very theatrical version of Strictly Ballroom. It will make your heart soar with unbridled happiness. Unless you are brain dead.

Strictly Ballroom The Musical is a complete triumph. Do anything to get to Leeds to see it and pray that the West End will be blessed with a long, enduring season there."

Stephen Collins Live Theatre UK 2016

The evening’s most electrifying sequence takes place at Fran’s house when her father, Rico, and family laugh at Scott’s attempt to dance a paso doble and show him how it should be done: with feeling, not technical brilliance. As Rico, the father who comes to understand that his daughter must follow her own dance, Fernando Mira stops the show.
The Guardian UK

By far the best turn however comes from Fernando Mira as Fran’s father Rico who throws shapes as sharp as knives as he shows Scott how the Paso Doble is really done. His performance is steeped in passion, danger and brilliance:
The Telegraph UK

"Most electrically, Fran’s father Rico (Fernando Mira) teaches Scott the paso doble in the first-act finale “Magnifico” and it brings the house down. Mira, a holdover from the Australian cast, is an extraordinary flamenco dancer, and he and Eve Polycarpou as Fran’s grandmother hit just the right tone of knowing camp."

Karen Fricker "Toronto Star"

'Fernando Mira...brings the house down'

The Daily Mail UK


Mira flame is a well established entertainment company with many years of experience in providing Spanish/flamenco entertainment for various public and corporate events, with flamenco dancers and musicians in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our shows may include:  

Flamenco guitarists, percussionists, dancers and singers with performances designed to cater for all function types.

Dance classes

Mira flame provides beginners, intermediate and advanced  classes to people of all ages.

Collaborating with other professional dance instructors through out Australia.

We  offer classes specializing in male and female  styles

Helping students understand all aspects of flamenco music, rhythm, dance and performance

We provide private lessons to those wanting to further their flamenco journey.

Private lessons available now, please email us with your details.

For pricing inquiries please email us: miraflame3@gmail.com

Thank you 


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